3.54. Using proxies

To learn what proxies are and what they are used for, refer to Proxies Section. To use proxies, do the following:

  1. Go to General Settings Page and activate Advanced Tab. If you want to do these for a specific site, use custom general settings for the site (See: Using custom general settings for a site) and do the following steps in Settings Tab of Site Settings Page.
  2. Go to Proxies Section
  3. Check Use proxy? setting’s checkbox. This makes the settings used in the following steps visible.
  4. In Proxies setting, enter your proxy. If you want to define multiple proxies, enter each of them in a new line. To learn how to enter a proxy, see Proxies.
  5. To make sure the entered proxies work, enter a test URL in URL for proxy testing setting and then click to button of Proxies setting. The results will show if the URL you entered can be connected to by using the defined proxies. For more information, see Proxies Section.
  6. Save the settings.

After these steps are done, the plugin will use the defined proxies for every request made to the target site(s). For more information, see Proxies Section.