3.20. Collecting post URLs from multiple pages of a categoryΒΆ

To make the plugin collect post URLs from all pages of a category page, do the following:


Since the plugin saves the posts whose URLs were collected and saved into the database, doing these steps will result in saving the posts existing in all pages of the target categories.

  1. Go to Site Settings Page and activate Category Tab
  2. Go to Next Page Section
  3. Define at least one CSS selector in Next Page URL Selectors setting
  4. Save the site settings (See: Saving The Settings)
  5. Go to Tester Page and test your category settings (See: Testing site settings) to make sure the next page URLs are correctly found. Please perform the test for the first page, a page in the middle, and the last page of the category.

After these steps are done, the plugin will collect post URLs from multiple pages of the target categories. For more information and other options related to URL collection, such as limiting the number of pages to crawl for each category page, please see Scheduling.