3.40. Defining how posts are marked as duplicate

You probably do not want to save posts that are duplicates, i.e. the posts that already exist in your site. The plugin, by default, decide whether a post is duplicate or not by checking out its URL. If a post with the same URL already exists in your site, the plugin does not save the post having the same URL again. Additionally, the plugin lets you define additional criteria. To define how posts are marked as duplicate, do the following:

  1. Go to Site Settings Page and activate Main Tab
  2. Go to Check duplicate posts via setting. This setting displays the available criteria that can be used to understand if a post is duplicate.
  3. Check the checkbox of the item to make the plugin use that criterion. For example, if you want the plugin to use the title of the post when deciding, check Title’s checkbox. When it is checked, the plugin will search for a post having the same title as to-be-saved post’s title. If it exists, the new post will be marked as duplicate and not be saved.
  4. Save the site settings (See: Saving The Settings)