3.13. Adding category URLs automaticallyΒΆ

For the plugin to be able to find URLs of posts automatically, Category URLs setting should be filled with category URLs from the target site. If there are many category URLs, then adding all of them manually is quite time-consuming. The plugin has a feature that you can use to automatically add category URLs by retrieving them from a page of the target site. To do this, do the following:

  1. Check Add category URLs automatically? checkbox. This will make the settings used in the following items visible.
  2. Enter a URL of a page that contains the URLs of the categories into URL of a page containing category URLs setting.
  3. In Category URL Selectors setting, define a CSS selector that finds the category URLs from the page whose URL was entered into URL of a page containing category URLs setting.
  4. Click button next to the CSS selector

After these steps are done, the category URLs found in the target page will be added to Category URLs setting automatically.


After the URLs are added to Category URLs setting, you can observe them and change or remove them as you want.

An example is shown in the following video.