Advanced Tab Purchase Note Selectors

Define CSS selectors that match the text you want to add as a purchase note. This is a type of Selector and Attribute Setting. If you enter more than one selector, the first match will be used. Also, see Add all found purchase notes?. Add all found purchase notes?

If you want to add all purchase notes found by Purchase Note Selectors, check this. Custom Purchase Note

Enter custom purchase notes for the product. If you enter more than one, a random purchase note will be selected when saving a product. Also, see Always add custom purchase note?. Always add custom purchase note?

Check this if you want to always add the custom purchase note defined in Custom Purchase Note setting. If you do not check this, the custom purchase note will be added only if there is no purchase note found by the selectors defined in Purchase Note Selectors. If you check this, the purchase note of the product will be created by using both the purchase notes found by the selectors and the custom purchase note. The purchase notes found by the selectors will be added after the custom purchase note. Enable reviews?

Check this if you want to enable reviews for the product.