10. License Settings PageΒΆ

The license settings page is a simple page that you can enter your license key to activate the plugin. You can reach the page by clicking to Settings > Content Crawler License Settings from the sidebar of your admin panel.

The page has only one input field in which a license key should be entered. After entering the license key, click Save Changes button.


You can check Where is my license key? FAQ to learn how to find your license key.

This page also contains Deactivate on this domain button. This button deactivates the plugin and unregisters your domain so that you can use the same license key in another domain.


You cannot use the same license to activate the plugin in more than one domain. Your license key is valid for only one domain. In case you want to use your license key in another domain, you can click to Deactivate on this domain button to unregister your current domain. After that, you can use your license to activate the plugin in another domain.