3.4. Translating posts automatically

The plugin can automatically translate post details from one language to another using third party translation APIs (See: Translation).

To enable the translation feature and make the plugin translate posts automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Go to General Settings Page and activate Translation Tab
  2. Check Translation is active? setting’s checkbox
  3. Select an API from Translate with setting and configure its settings. You can learn how to configure the settings from the documents of the selected API such as the ones below.
  4. Save the general settings
  5. Open Site Settings Page of the site for which you want to enable translation and activate Main Tab
  6. Check Active for post translation? setting’s checkbox
  7. Optionally, configure which details of the post should be translated in Translatable Fields setting
  8. Save the site settings (See: Saving The Settings)

After these steps are done, the posts saved by the plugin using the site settings for which you enabled translation will be translated automatically.


If translation is not enabled in the general settings, no posts will be translated.


You can use Tester Page to see if the contents are translated as you want.

3.4.1. Disabling translation for all sites

To disable translation for all sites, uncheck General Settings > Translation > Translation is active (See: Translation is active?) and save the general settings.