3.6. Deleting posts automatically

The plugin can delete posts that are older than a certain amount of time, automatically. To automatic deletion, you have to enable the deleting event both in general settings and site settings. To enable it, do the following:

  1. Enable General Settings > Scheduling > Deleting > Deleting is active setting (See Deleting is active?)
  2. Configure other settings under Deleting Section as you want
  3. Save the general settings
  4. Open the site settings for which you want to enable deleting. In this page, enable Main > Active for deleting (See: Active for post deleting?) setting and save the settings.

After these steps are done, the plugin will automatically delete the posts by using the settings configured under Deleting Section.


If deleting is not enabled in the general settings, no posts will be deleted.


You can go to Dashboard Page of the plugin and check Active Sites Section. In this section, you should be able to see the site for which you have just enabled deleting.

3.6.1. Disabling deleting for all sites

To disable deleting for all sites, uncheck General Settings > Scheduling > Deleting > Deleting is active (See: Deleting is active?) and save the general settings.