6. Site Settings Page

Site settings page is the page where you configure what content should be retrieved from a web page and how they should be retrieved, as well as enabling the site for automated crawling, deleting, and updating. This page is the place where you will spend most of your time while you use the plugin.

Because there are a lot of settings, the site settings are grouped under several tabs. You can navigate between tabs without saving the settings. The page does not reload when you switch tabs.

The rest of the site settings page is documented under different sections to easily navigate between them and refer to them when necessary. You can see the table of contents for the site settings page’s documentation below and click the ones you want to learn more.

Tab > Section > Setting
This notation is used when describing the settings. Tab is the name of the tab under which the setting is located. Section is the section name under which the setting is located. Setting is the name of the setting. For example, Post > Images > Save images as media refers to the setting named as Save images as media which is under Post tab’s Images section. If a setting does not have a section, Section part is omitted. For example, Main > Site URL is the setting named as Site URL which is directly under Main tab.