3.47. Showing iframes in post content

To show iframes in the post content, do the following:

  1. Go to Site Settings Page and activate Templates Tab
  2. Go to Quick Fixes Section
  3. Check Convert iframe elements to short code setting’s checkbox
  4. Save the settings (See: Saving The Settings)
  5. Go to General Settings Page and activate Post Tab
  6. Go to Short Codes Section
  7. Add a rule to allow the domain of the source of the iframe elements in Allowed domains for iframe short code. For more information, see Allowed domains for iframe short code.

After these steps are done, the plugin will turn iframe elements into a short code that will be turned into iframe elements. The plugin will show iframe elements only if their src attribute points to a domain that is allowed in Allowed domains for iframe short code setting. These are done for security reasons. For more information, see Short Codes Section.