General Tab

Before applying the options available under this tab, the options defined in Find-Replace Tab will be applied. Treat as JSON?

If you check this, each item will be tried to be parsed to JSON [1]. You can then use the values from the JSON by using [wcc-item] short code in the options that allow you to enter a short code.


You can use the short code to get values from JSON in the options under tabs that come after General Tab. In other words, the short code is not available under the tabs that come before General Tab, such as Find-Replace Tab.


When you check this, the item will be removed if it is not a valid JSON.

You can use [wcc-item] short code with a dot key when the item is treated as JSON. A dot key shows the value’s path in the JSON. For example, in {"item": {"inner": "value"}}, the dot key for value is item.inner. To get value by using [wcc-item], you can write [wcc-item item.inner]. When written like this, the short code will be replaced with value. In case of array values, you can use the target value’s index as well. For example, in {"item": {"inner1": [{"key": "15"}]}}, you can get 15 with [wcc-item item.inner1.0.key].