12.11. Unnecessary Elements Section


This section exists under Category Tab, Post Tab, and Templates Tab of Site Settings Page.

12.11.1. Unnecessary Element Selectors

This is a type of Selector and Attribute Setting. The only difference is that this element does not have the attribute input, because this setting removes the element entirely. Hence, there is no need for the attribute input.

The elements that the CSS selectors defined in this setting match will be removed from the source code of the web page completely.

This setting is applied after the settings under Manipulate HTML Section are applied.


This setting will be applied for all tests made by using buttons of other settings (excluding the settings under Manipulate HTML Section, since this setting is applied after those settings are applied) and in Visual Inspector. This is to help you configure the settings in a more robust and faster way.

This is demonstrated in the following video.

As you can see, when testing a rule of Unnecessary Element Selectors setting, the rule defined in Find and replace in element attributes setting is applied first. Also, the element that is matched by the CSS selector defined in Unnecessary Element Selectors is removed in Visual Inspector as well. Hence, you can immediately see the effects of the rules you define in this setting.


The matching elements will be removed completely, including the elements inside the matching elements.