7.8.3. Other Section

This section contains miscellaneous settings that do not fit into any other section. Disable Tooltip

Disable tooltip usage throughout the plugin’s pages.


Fig. 7.3 An example tooltip. Here, “Regex” is a message shown by a tooltip.

Tooltip is used to show you certain messages when you, for example, hover over a button or a form item, such as a checkbox. An example tooltip is shown in Fig. 7.3. Because other plugins or themes sometimes load their own files into the plugin’s pages, they break the functionality of the tooltip used by the plugin. To overcome this situation, you can just disable the tooltip used in the plugin. Disabling the tooltip will not cause any problems. You will see the messages but not as a tooltip. It might take a few moments for the messages to be displayed when tooltip is disabled. Also, certain messages will not be properly formatted. Disable saving the section states?

When a setting section is collapsed, its state is saved to the database and then restored when the page is loaded again. Check this if you do not want to save and restore the section expansion states. Disable default section states for the sites?

When a site settings page is opened for the first time, certain sections are collapsed by default. If you do not want this behavior, and you want to see all the sections expanded, check this.