3.11. Duplicating site settingsΒΆ

In some cases, you may want to copy site settings. For example, you may want to create the same settings in another site or create a copy of a site so that you can change certain things. To duplicate site settings, do the following:

  1. Open Site Settings Page of the site whose settings you want to duplicate
  2. Go to Import/Export Tab and copy all of the text shown in Export Settings setting
  3. Create a new site (See: Creating a New Site) and go to its Import/Export Tab
  4. Paste the text you copied into Import Settings setting
  5. Publish the site settings (See: Saving The Settings)
  6. After the page is reloaded, make sure the categories selected in the select inputs of Category URLs are correct. If not, fix them and save the settings again.

After these steps are done, you have a copy of the site.