6.3.7. Import/Export Tab

This tab contains settings that can be used to import settings from another site or export settings of the current site. In other words, you can create a copy of a site by using the settings under this tab. Import Settings

Paste the value of Export Settings setting of another site and save the settings [1] to copy all of the settings of that site into this site.


All of the settings of this site, i.e. the site whose Import Settings setting you filled, will be overridden.


After the settings are imported, make sure the categories selected in Category URLs setting are correct. If you import settings from another WordPress installation and the same categories with the same IDs do not exist in your site, the plugin cannot do anything about it. Therefore, you should make sure that the categories are correctly selected. Export Settings

The value of this setting, which is automatically populated, is an encoded text that contains all of the settings of the site. You can simply copy it, paste it into another site’s Import Settings setting, and then save that site’s settings [1] to import all of the settings of this site into that site.


[1](1, 2) Saving The Settings