10.3. URLs Tab

This tab contains tools that are related to URLs.

10.3.1. Clear URLs Tool

This tool is used to delete URLs that are stored in the database. You may want to delete the URLs to start from scratch. For example, you might have found out that the saved URLs are problematic. In that case, you can fix the problem in your settings, but there might already be URLs in the database which were saved with incorrect settings. In that case, you can delete those URLs by using this tool.


When the URLs are deleted, the plugin will not be able to check if a post is duplicate by using its URL. Therefore, if the post crawled from a URL still exists in your site, a duplicate post may be created. Hence, use this tool with caution.

The tool has the following settings:

Select the site whose URLs should be deleted
URL Type

Select the type of URLs that should be deleted.

In Queue
Delete the URLs that are in queue. In other words, the URLs that are not crawled yet.
Delete the URLs whose posts have been deleted from your site.
Already Saved
Delete the URLs that are already crawled. In other words, the posts shown at those URLs are already saved as posts in your site.
Delete the URLs that belong to a recrawled post.
Delete the URLs that are not considered as In Queue, Already Saved (which includes the Updated URLs), and Deleted.
This is the same as selecting both In Queue and Already Saved.
I’m sure
Check this to indicate that you are sure about this. If this is not checked, no URLs will be deleted.

After configuring the inputs, hit Delete URLs button to delete the URLs.

10.3.2. Unlock All URLs Tool

The plugin locks the URLs which it is processing. This is to avoid processing already-being-processed URLs. But sometimes things go wrong either with your server or the target server and some URLs stay locked. You can see these URLs shown as “currently being crawled/recrawled” in Dashboard Page. If you see some URLs are stuck there and you do not want to see them, you can use this tool to unlock all URLs.

Click Unlock All URLs button to unlock all currently-locked URLs.