7.2.2. Media Section

This section contains settings that are related to the media of the posts. Set srcset attributes of saved media when possible

HTML element’s srcset attribute is used to display images with the most suitable sizes according to the screen sizes of the devices that are used to display your web page (see Responsive Images at Mozilla). When you enable this setting, the plugin will try to set the value of srcset attribute of the saved media items. This typically works when saving posts by using the Tools page of the plugin. It will probably not work when saving the posts automatically.


This is an experimental feature. Protected attachments

When recrawling or deleting a post, the plugin deletes the images of the existing post. This setting is used to exclude certain images from deletion. The images whose IDs are added to this setting will not be deleted when a post is being recrawled or deleted. This setting is also automatically updated when changes made to certain site settings, such as filter commands that define attachments like Set featured image command.