14.13. What do I do when admin and FTP login credentials are asked from me?

If you are asked to send admin and FTP login credentials, please send them in the following format:

If you do not have FTP credentials and if you use cPanel, you can send your cPanel login credentials, as many of the customers do when they do not have/know FTP credentials, in the format below:


If you are not comfortable sending cPanel login credentials, please create an FTP account and send their credentials.

If you are not comfortable sending any credentials, please enable debugging in your site, reproduce the problem, upload your debug file to somewhere, and send the file’s download URL. How to create the debug file is explained in Debugging errors page.


Please make sure the credentials work by going to the login pages, entering the user name and password, and hitting the login button. If we cannot reach the pages or we cannot login, we cannot help you.

An example email might be the following:

If you use cPanel, an example email might be the following:


After the problem you faced is resolved, please change or delete the credentials you have sent to us.

You can send the support email as explained in How to send a support request page.