7.6. Notifications Tab

This tab contains settings that are related to getting notifications when something happens. Currently, the notifications can be sent when there is no value found by using a CSS selector, which is set in the empty value notification settings, such as CSS selectors for empty value notification or CSS selectors for empty value notification.

7.6.1. Notifications are active?

This checkbox must be checked for notifications to be activated. If this is not checked, no notification will be sent.

7.6.2. Email interval

Set how many minutes should pass before sending another similar notification about the same site. This setting’s purpose is to limit the number of emails sent to you regarding the same thing. For example, if a post is saved every minute, then it is pointless to send you an email every minute regarding the same problem. You can set a value considering how often you want to get informed about the same thing.

7.6.3. Email addresses

Enter email addresses to which the notifications will be sent. The notification emails will be sent to all email addresses entered in this setting. For example, if there are 5 email addresses defined in this setting, then the same notification will be sent to all of the 5 email addresses.