7.4.1. Spinning

This tab of the general settings contain settings related to automatic content spinning. Spinning is the name of the operation that changes a given text into a different text while keeping its meaning the same. In other words, it can be thought as paraphrasing. This is generally done for search engine optimization purposes. For more information about spinning, you can check out Article Spinning at Wikipedia.

The plugin is able to spin all Transformable Fields. Which fields should be spun can be selected in Spinnable Fields setting. Spinning is active?

If you want to activate automated content spinning, check this. Note that spinning will increase the time required to crawl a post. The posts will be spun only if the spinning is activated in site settings as well (See Active for post spinning?). Spin with

Select the spinning service you want to use to spin contents. You also need to properly configure the settings of the selected API. The settings will be visible after selecting an API. Send everything in one request?

If you want to send the values of every spinnable field to the selected API in one request, check this. If the selected spinning API limits the number of requests that can be sent, then sending every value in just one request might be good for you.


When this is checked, the plugin will mark each item defined in Spinnable Fields setting and combine them into one text. Hence, the selected spinning API must return the result with the same markings so that the plugin can find each different item in the response. If the response does not have the same markings, then the plugin will not be able to assign each item’s spun value properly.

You should use this setting with caution. For example, reordering paragraphs might cause the markings to change, making the plugin unable to find each item properly. Protected Terms

You can enter comma-separated terms that should not be spun. These terms will be sent to the selected API if it supports protected terms feature. For example, if you do not want to spin the words quickly, immediately, and easily, you can enter quickly, immediately, easily into this setting. Test Spinning Options

You can write any text to test the spinning options you configured. After entering the text, click button that is available next to the textarea. The test results will be shown in a few seconds. You can observe the results and decide if the settings you configured are OK. If not, you can modify your settings and perform another test by clicking to the button. Check API Usage Statistics

Click the button to see API usage statistics.